Augmented Reality

Augment means something to increase in size, amount and value. Reality is a situation where everything exists in live. Augmented reality is computer generated experience where we feel a real world environment directly and indirectly. There is a complex between augmented reality and virtual reality. Virtual means something exist which is created with the computer software system. Virtual reality is an image created by the computer software which appears like almost real and which gives us a feeling and perceiving as real. Augmented reality is more different than virtual reality. Virtual reality is more about experience and feelings. Augmented reality and virtual reality both work like a sense. This is a common issue for the both reality.

The example of virtual reality is like banking system. The number of the money we see in our account is sort of virtual reality. We do not see the money physically but it presents a particular amount of our credit balance. The sense of music or videos are the example of augmented reality. We watch live show like sports or other ceremony on the TV, computer, I-Pad etc. We also create our own imagination picture with the help of computer software like designing a home- these are a good example of augmented reality. Mobile applications are one of the best example. Especially when we check the maps through GPS, it shows us a picturized information of the direction and the destiny. When we go the bank for any appointment, we take a token and the computer screens show us the direction take the details one by one. I like to do pencil sketches, but most of the time I can scan them create lots of different images of the same picture. Contact lenses or eye glasses are also an example of augmented reality.

So, augmented reality is all about enhancing the everyday life with the updated computerized information system. It changes day by day with the demand of everyday life.



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